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Venture Harbour

Working from home has its perks! No more morning commutes. You can play your own music whenever you want, and sneak off for Netflix breaks in between conference calls. Professional wardrobe is optional and snacks are de rigueur. But we humans also long for structure, to give form and function to our days, and reward us when our work is done. Wired has some great tips to help you settle in to your work at home routine. All Zoomed out? HERE are some video chat alternatives to connect with colleagues. play games with friends, or stay in touch with family. Even if you're not working from home, you can boost your efficiency and have some fun with these digital productivity tools and tips.

The Kids

Digital Office Sound Generator

Miss ambient office noise? This sound generator has you covered with the soothing tones of modern office life, to help you focus when working from home. This humorous project was concocted by The Kids, a creative agency with offices in Berlin and Zurich, dedicated to making organizations more agile and innovative by designing the right culture.



Keep in touch with the groups of people that matter the most, like your family or coworkers. With group chats, you can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once. You can also name your group, mute or customize notifications, and more. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees. WhatsApp messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party including WhatsApp can read or listen to them. WhatsApp works on iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC.



Keep your business running securely while working from home. Quip is Salesforce’s productivity platform that combines collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and chat in one place so distributed teams can work together seamlessly. Quip replace email and information silos with real-time productivity tools that connect teams and accelerate the pace of business. Even if you aren’t in the same place, you can stay on the same page. Quip is secure out-of-the-box – all your data is encrypted, auditable, and controlled. Quip offers tutorials to get you started, and customizable templates to meet your specific needs. Quip is available online or as an app.



Slack brings the team together, wherever you are, by bringing all your communication together. Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together. With all of your communication and tools in one place, remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from. You can hit deadlines, review documents, make comments and generate approvals. Slack is available for desktop and mobile. HERE is a great guide for anyone new to Slack. Slack also provides tips for working at home.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do: Lists Tasks & Reminders

Got something on your mind? Get Microsoft To Do. Whether you want to increase your productivity, decrease your stress levels, or just free up some mental space, Microsoft To Do makes it easy to plan your day and manage your life. With Microsoft To Do, you can stay focused with My Day, a personalized daily planner with suggested tasks; get your lists anywhere, on any device; share lists and assign tasks with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates; personalize your lists with bold and colorful backgrounds; and much more.



Houseparty is a face-to-face social network that enables you to connect with anyone you want, anywhere and anytime you like. In 2019, Houseparty teamed up with Epic Games, creator of Fortnite and Unreal Engine, to help even more people connect with their friends, family, and peers. Houseparty is secure and apparently there have been no data breaches and no exposure of customer data or third-party accounts.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings

Video conferencing is as simple and seamless as meeting in person. With the Webex mobile app, you can meet absolutely anywhere. Hosting is easy and joining is easier—simply click on your link to join. You can even learn about the people you’re meeting for the first time, with instant access to participants’ background and company. You can share your screen so everyone can view your document, spreadsheet, or application. Hosts can record the meeting so others can get up to speed later. Everyone you invite can join your online meeting, no matter how they’re connecting, even guests. 



Trello is a simple, easy-to-use project management app for collaborative teams. The platform is based on the Kanban board philosophy, a visual layout that originates from Japan. Essentially, tasks are added and organized on “to-do,” “going” and “done” statuses, which helps teams keep track of progress. Tasks can be grouped into boards and cards, which can contain multiple tasks in themselves. Individual tasks can be assigned to groups or team members with deadlines and checklists. 



Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, Airtable allows teams to organize their work, their way. Airtable is built around the spreadsheet format and this is great news if your team is used to managing projects on tools like Excel. Airtable’s interface operates like a spreadsheet, but it’s far more intuitive and includes more  functionality. Airtable Blocks give you a creative palette that you can mix and match to create the perfect workflow for your team. Airtable also provides templates to get you and your team started.



Don't let distractions hold you back! Serene is a macOS app that gives you productivity superpowers by layering three proven techniques to boost focus. When you enter a session, Serene shields you from distractions by blocking distracting apps & websites. Serene can also silence your phone, control Philips Hue lights, update your Slack status and more, to help you create your optimal deep work environment. Serene was created by Venture Harbour, one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies, achieving 22nd in the 2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 50.  


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